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relax, its just a phase

6 March 1978

alright? i'm phantomlimb, or "neil" to people who know me.

i live in my own little world for much of the time, a place where other people are just minor distractions and nowhere near as interesting as whatever nonsense i'm thinking about. despite my age, i'm still not really sure about life and how i see myself... maybe that's the reason behind my blogging. i want to record my evolution of thought on a range of subjects.

i'm not sure if i'm a pessimist or an optimist. when asked if the glass is half full or half empty, i'm inclined to believe it's just twice as big as it needs to be.

anyway... i enjoy making new friends, but because of the likes of facebook, myspace and twitter, livejournal isn't very popular anymore. livejournal is more for people looking for a little more from their social internet experience, and that's what i'm trying to offer.
a bout de souffle, a clockwork orange, adam and joe, adidas, afghan whigs, archie bronson outfit, armando iannucci, b3ta, banana milkshakes, banksy, ben christophers, brad, brasseye, breathless, bret easton ellis, british summer, buffalo 66, building flat pack furniture, bukowski, camden, cats, cement garden, charles bukowski, charlie brooker, chris cornell, chris corner, chris morris, coen brothers, come dine with me, cutting and sticking, david lynch, daydreaming, dead man, dead man's shoes, depeche mode, documentaries, donnie darko, dorothy parker, ebay, eddie izzard, escapism, faith no more, fiona apple, fist of fun, francois truffaut, french cinema, futurama, ghost world, giger, goldfrapp, handwritten letters, harry hill, howard moon, iamx, ian mcewan, jack daniels, jack daniels and coke, jam, jean-luc godard, jean-pierre jeunet, jim jarmusch, john frusciante, johnny depp, jon spencer blues explosion, kafka, kittens, krzysztof kieslowski, lamb, late nights, lee and herring, lolita, london, look around you, lost, lovage, making mix-tapes, massive attack, michel gondry, mighty boosh, mike leigh, mike patton, monty python, mr bungle, my summer of love, nathan barley, newcastle, nirvana, noel fielding, nostalgia, old boy, old photographs, patrick wolf, peep show, peeping tom, pigeonhed, pj harvey, placebo, popbitch, portishead, radiohead, reeves and mortimer, ren and stimpy, richard linklater, robots in disguise, rules of attraction, russell brand, scrapbooks, second-hand bookshops, secret identities, shane meadows, shawn smith, sleeping in the daytime, sneaker pimps, sofia coppola, soho, southern comfort and coke, sparklehorse, stephen poliakoff, sunderland, surreality, taxi driver, teen wolf, the day today, the faint, the kills, the lake district, the league of gentlemen, the mighty boosh, the prisoner, the rules of attraction, the simpsons, the virgin suicides, the young ones, tindersticks, twin peaks, ultraviolence, vince noir, vincent gallo, vintage clothing, vintage synths, viz, whiskey, will self, william burroughs, withnail & i, yoho ahoy, zombie films